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Pennsylvania’s largest union for health care workers

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania is the state’s largest and fastest growing union of nurses and health care workers, uniting nearly 45,000 nurses, professional and technical employees, direct care workers, and service employees in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home and community-based services, and state facilities across the Commonwealth.
Together, we work to protect patient care, expand access to quality health care for all, and to lives of health care workers. We accomplish these goals by organizing non-union health care workers, driving industry standards in our contracts and fighting for legislation that affects health care in our state.
SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania is affiliated with SEIU Healthcare, part of the Service Employees International Union which represents 2.1 million working people in health care, public services and property services.

18 Responses to “About Us”

  1. jskbt60 says:

    Well it is time to comment and politely disagree with much of this
    site. My wife and I have never had health insurance and DON”T want it.
    Insurance is what makes medical care way overpriced – because it is
    always there to pay. We will not join Obamacare either. We work on our
    health and pay cash for our basic occasional care. We also do not
    believe in labor unions. We have never been in one and resent paying
    high taxes to support them and their fat pensions when we do not get the
    same. We must pay yet only depend on our own savings for our future –
    not fair at all. We have lived modestly and well below our means for over 30 years, invested carefully and have spent just a few hundred dollars in our entire lives on our health care. We also don’t buy insurance because we resent indirectly paying for people’s bad health choices that increase their risk of costly care when we do not practice such habits. We need to eliminate employers from having to pay for benefits and instead go to a simple, affordable single payer system.

    • Healthy Driver says:

      You are very independent and that should be commended. I was just wondering – do you have auto insurance? And what do think it would cost if it was not legally mandated and you were also paying for all those who incurred liability, had no insurance or the means to pay for whatever harm or injury they were responsible for?
      I hope your relative good health and fortune continues indefinately, but I’d feel much better about your future if hope was not such a mojor component of your plans.

      • jskbt60 says:

        Yes, of course I have car insurance as like you I am driving a killer weapon when behind the wheel though in 37 years of driving NEVER been in one accident that is my fault. But this is the ONLY insurance in our lives and boy do we live well on jobs having paid under $10 an hour! The medical system will never come back down like it was in 1970 even indexed to inflation as long as there is a third party payer so the only way other than to stay healthy and not use it is to not buy insurance, legally tie up your assets so they can’t take them and pay REASONABLY if you do have a significant medical cost. Perhaps we should all pay a modest tax for health care but certainly not $100s a month.

    • Tom Tully says:

      Guess that means you have never had to face the direct cost of the birth of your child, a child born or diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes. Put it this way, had my family not had the type of insurance you seem to despise so much my ten year old, through no fault of his own, could be dead today had he not been fully covered (bill exceeded 60k for 3 days of care) and cared for at one of the children’s hospitals in the country.

      • jskbt60 says:

        Your bill like all medical bills was absurdly inflated because they knew you had insurance. We must get away from having a third party payer and get back to cash. Just imagine having “grocery insurance” so you could buy $600 of food at the store for a $20 copayment? This is the same principle. Food companies and grocery retailers would keep prices as high as possible because they know insurance will pay. We must get rid of insurance to bring down the health care system. Besides we have earned between $3 and $10 an hour most of our marriage and never would have gotten where we are now if we had thrown away $ on insurance we never needed. Obamacare means even more insurance for the system to play with and overcharge people.

        • Michelle says:

          What is scary about your comments is that you sound like you’ve done the homework and know what you’re talking about. Sadly though, you are quite clueless. No matter how well your wife and you “take care of yourselves” there is a potential for devastating medical conditions. I hope that neither of you you develop cardiac issues (many healthy people do; you know genetics and all that pesky reality), cancer (a disease that is nondiscriminating in choosing it’s victims) or any of the other myriad of health problems that we ALL face.
          Have you even considered long term care? When your wife or yourself develop dementia and the other is unable to provide the around the clock care that is necessary how do you propose to pay for the facility stay? Surely you are not going to me using (GASP) Medicare. After all, it is insurance. I wouldn’t want you to compromise your principles……..

          (I realize that these comments are a year old. I just had to reply to this nonsense though. His opinions are offensive to my sensibilities.)

  2. Janice Tilley says:

    I would like to know how I can become a nonvoting member of SEIU PGH. I am unhappy with the results they have given me on anything I have had. Please advise me via e-mail.

  3. Jayne Capane RN, MSN says:

    I would like to know if there are any positions to work FOR the union.

  4. John Braxton says:

    I am the treasurer of AFT Local 2026 in Philadelphia and I am interested in connecting with other union activists who are passionate about trying to halt climate change. I was given the name of Amanda Lapita as someone who shares this interest. If Amanda could contact me I would greatly appreciate it. My cell is 215/796-4933

  5. KW RN says:

    I was wondering who I need to contact regarding excessive and staffing by mandation, I have been in contact with my local rep M. Forbes, and also emailed K. Hefty. Please advise, TY

  6. Kelly says:

    While Express Scripts was cutting hundreds of PA Jobs from 2015-2017, BeneCard PBF stopped prescription over-charges at multiple PA Unions, helping these Unions and their members keep many-millions of dollars instead of exporting hard-earned funds.

  7. Manuel Aviles says:

    I want to move to East Stroudsburg PA I am already a 1199 union member, also 1199 delegate is 1199 jobs in East Stroudsburg PA

  8. Frances Pierce says:

    I am a strong union supporter having worked as a PSEA staff rep for many years. My son and daughter-in-law are nurses and would like to move to the PA area. How can I find out what hospitals are unionized in SE PA? Thanks!

  9. Angie says:

    How do you go about dropping Union Membership!?

    • James Myers says:

      Hi, Angie. Sorry for the delayed response. Our Member Resource Center can help you with that. You can contact the MRC at 1-800-252-3894 (in PA) or 412-222-9514 (out of state) between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

  10. Sarah says:

    Is SEIU HC PA a public union or a private union

  11. Becky says:

    I’m currently interested in moving to Pennsylvania. I wanted to know if there is a list of Unionized hospitals for Pennsylvania?

  12. Anthony D. Carney says:

    As you might know there is a movement to have fact finding as to a union for Occupational, Physical and Speech therapists. I belong to therapists for union on Facebook. I am also UMWA union member since 1975. I would like to correspond the a representative to discuss the beginnings of a union. Thank you Anthony Carney

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