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Vaccine Stories from the Frontlines of Care

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Member Stories Photo Template - Molly Romigh

“I feel it’s important to healthcare and public health that we believe the science. This pandemic has been devastating to the country and to healthcare workers. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my 34 years in healthcare.

“Even though I was apprehensive, I ultimately decided to get the vaccine because it’s an important step in getting this virus under control and I feel good that I got it.”

Member Stories Photo Template - Brad Barkdoll“Too many people have lost their lives to COVID and it has really hit for me. Three of my daughters are frontline essential workers who have all gotten COVID. Thankfully, they’re all recovering, but too many people haven’t. Working in critical care and seeing people not having their families there for them is just heartbreaking.

“I was super excited to get the vaccine. I just got my second dose, and I feel great. We need to get this under control, and the vaccine is a great step forward. But healthcare workers still need paid sick time so we can stay home and recover when we get sick. We still need more staff to keep our facilities running and care for our patients. And the public needs to keep masking up and social distancing to stem the spread. We have to get to the end of this.”

Member Stories Photo Template - Denelle Weller“I want to protect myself, my family and my patients. Our hospital had vaccine days set for direct care providers to in and be vaccinated, it went smooth and everyone was relieved and hopeful moving forward.

“After getting the vaccine I felt completely fine, for about 24 hours I had some injection site tenderness but it was no worse than the flu or tetanus shot soreness you get. I still have to get my second dose, and will as soon as it is offered.”

Member Stories Photo Template - Kathleen Logan“Getting the vaccine means I’m one step closer to seeing my grandparents and my friends. It’s one step closer to hugging friends and loved ones again.

“I was so excited to get the vaccine that I planned what I was wearing when I got dressed that day so I could most easily get my shot. My worst symptom was a mild headache the day after. It felt like if I had drank some more water, I’d be fine. After I woke up though, my headache was gone.

“I hope everyone gets the vaccine if they are offered it. As someone who is hopeful to start a family soon, this was a no brainer to me. If it takes a village to raise a child, I want my village to be safe and large.”

Member Stories Photo Template - Stella Britcher“I trust science and I want to protect myself, my family, my patients, and the community.”

Are you a member of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania who received your COVID-19 vaccine? Share your experience with us!

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