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Homecare Workers are Leading

The work we do is indispensable, but the homecare industry is in crisis.

The demand for home care in Pennsylvania is growing:  By 2035, nearly one in four Pennsylvanians will be 65 or older but there is only one direct care worker for every eight Pennsylvanians. 

Low retention and high turnout. The homecare industry in Pennsylvania faces a 40% turnover rate due to poverty wages and no essential benefits for sick pay, healthcare, overtime, or training. 

The good news is that there’s a simple solution: Funding. The legislature needs to fund workforce investments that will ensure we have a functioning home care system in Pennsylvania. 

Through the power of our union, we have a path to make the lifesaving changes we need so we never end up here again. This is what we’re fighting for in 2021:

Living wages, starting at $15 per hour. Fair pay is essential to recruiting and retaining a skilled home care workforce. Most homecare workers make between $11-13 per hour and, not only are homecare workers responsible for getting their own supplies and paying for their transportation out of pocket, but nearly half of the homecare workforce is on public assistance. 

Training. Over 25% of the homecare workforce has no access to training. Pennsylvania should create a training program for homecare workers so they can provide quality care for the specialized health needs of their consumers. 

Access to healthcare. As many as 1/3 of caregivers lack health coverage, and another 1/3 are underinsured.  Pennsylvania can ensure that all caregivers have access to affordable coverage by creating a healthcare trust for caregivers. 

Collective bargaining rights. We need to create a pathway for homecare workers to collectively bargain to ensure that the wages being paid to direct care workers are sufficient to maintain a strong workforce that can deliver the highest quality of care.

Stay up to date on our work to build political power for frontline caregivers by texting CRISIS to 787-753.

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