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Nursing Home Sector Deputy Director

The Nursing Home Sector Deputy Director is a supervisory staff position in SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania with responsibility, under the direction of the Vice President and Nursing Home Sector Director, for developing and leading the strategy for building power with nursing home across Pennsylvania. The Deputy Director leads and develops the approximately internal organizers. The Deputy Director ensures that union members and their organizers conduct the most participatory and powerful campaigns to negotiate and win collective bargaining agreements and organize effective workplace member leader organizations to welcome new employees, defend contracts, and communicate to all members.  The Deputy Director leads internal education, organizing, and mobilization programs with hospital members as part of the strategy set by the Officers and Executive Board to strengthen a wider movement for social justice and pro-working family politics in Pennsylvania.

Reports to: the Vice President and Nursing Home Sector Director

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assisting the Vice President and Nursing Home Sector Director with year to year strategy and organizing plans build a strong union.
  • Assisting the Vice President and Nursing Home Sector Director in hiring, training, supervising, developing, evaluating, motivating, and holding accountable the internal organizers.
  • Facilitating communication across the team and with individual organizers to review and plan, drive, and assess the work of the union in the Sector.
  • Working with member leaders and organizers to create and implement plans to strengthen the union.
  • Leading and supporting organizers in developing campaign plans to solve workplace problems and build power to win collective bargaining agreements.
  • Serving as the lead negotiator in chapter collective bargaining and assisting staff in contract negotiations in the other chapters.
  • Developing opportunities for quality improvement and healthcare transformation programs with organizers, member leaders, and employers.
  • Building and sustaining productive employer relationships wherever possible.
  • Leading organizer and member participation in the union’s organizing, wider movement, and political programs.
  • Representing the union in its relationships with political, community and labor leaders and organization, as required.
  • Serving on the Officer and Senior Program Team to analyze and implement union programs.


  • At least five years as a union organizer or staff person with responsibility for organizing, member representation, and program implementation.
  • Experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements and developing and executing contract campaigns.
  • Experience motivating, supervising, evaluating, and developing staff and holding them accountable to a campaign & work plan.
  • High level of facilitation and leadership skills in collaborative work.
  • Ability to work with a diverse group of union staff and member leaders and lead in such a way to advance equity and inclusion of everyone in the union.
  • Proficiency in interpersonal communication, listening, conflict resolution, consensus building, and organizing persuasion with union members, staff, and allies.
  • Exercises high level of autonomous decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Strong planning skills, ability to discern priorities, and manage multiple responsibilities.
  • Emotional intelligence and professional self-management under pressure.
  • Knowledge of union history, organization, and strategy.
  • Proficiency in professional writing and communication skills.
  • Professional standards of behavior and dress.
  • A valid driving license and working vehicle, willingness to travel, in particular to union work sites and meeting locations in western Pennsylvania.
  • Willingness to work long and irregular hours, including weekends and evenings and holidays as required.
  • Exemplary commitment to trade union principles and the cause of labor.

About us: SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania unites 45,000 nurses and healthcare workers across the continuum of care.  We are the RNs, professional and technical employees, direct care and service workers in Pennsylvania’s hospitals, nursing homes, home and community based care services, and state health facilities. Together, we aim to unite all nurses and healthcare workers, organize at work and in the community, drive public policy and legislation, and build a powerful movement for good jobs, quality care, and healthy communities across Pennsylvania.

Compensation: Competitive salary package, benefit package includes fully paid health insurance, defined-benefit pension, optional 401(k), etc.

Position: Nursing Home Sector Deputy Director

Location: Pennsylvania

To Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to:

Please include the words “Nursing Home Sector Director” in the title of your email.

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, LGBT people, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply

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