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Healthcare Worker-Endorsed Candidates Win Big Across PA!

We did it! We helped a slate of absolutely incredible candidates win across Pennsylvania. We turned up and knocked on doors, made phone calls, and turned out hundreds of voters across the state.

Stanley ElectionsAll of our hard work ensured that elected leaders like Amanda Green-Hawkins, Deborah Gross, Corey O’Conner, Chelsa Wagner, Michael Lamb, Jim Kenney, Helen Gym, Isaiah Thomas, Cherelle Parker, Mike Morill, and Pam Harbin will be fighting for healthcare access, supporting strong unions and fair contracts, and working towards overall better lives for people all across the Commonwealth.

I am bursting with pride because we helped make this happen! I love the feeling of coming together and really making a difference, and that’s what keeps me turning out early on Saturday mornings to talk to my neighbors and calling other union members about candidates who will fight for us. I know that I’m not doing this alone and that I’m working alongside other workers who want to make a difference. Every time I volunteer, I’m reminded of the collective struggle that my fellow union members are working towards across the state.

Electing these candidates means that we have eleven more elected officials fighting with us. I’m feeling really ramped up and ready to take on the 2019 general election, not to mention the 2020 primaries! I’m getting plugged into SEIU’s Union for All Work, and I’m talking to my friends, family, and fellow union members about how they can get involved too!

If you’re an SEIU HCPA member, you can get involved in our presidential primaries work by emailing us at! Plugging into electoral work has been really empowering for me and I really feel like I’m making my voice heard.

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