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Add Your Voice: Patients Shouldn’t be Caught in the Middle of a Health Insurance Fight

Evie is a 74 year old breast cancer survivor who is worried and angry about the idea of losing access to her team of doctors at UPMC that saved her life on multiple occasions.

51216255_2316954371648615_1443171073733427200_nJudy is a 75 year old retiree, caregiver for her husband, and is fighting a complex case of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. In June, she will no longer be in network for her doctors and oncologist.

Neither of these women deserve to be in the middle of a health insurance fight. But that’s exactly where they are.

Every patient in Pennsylvania deserves access to the healthcare they need. But more and more people are being caught in the middle of a conflict between UPMC and Highmark which is forcing patients to drop their doctors and put their current treatment plans at risk.

As a non-profit, we expect UPMC to provide care to patients regardless of what’s on their insurance card. Families across Western PA have supported UPMC hospitals, and it is unacceptable for them to now shut their doors on those same people.

Is this affecting you or your family too? Share your story and tell Attorney General Josh Shapiro to take action to protect patients today!

The most vulnerable members of our community, especially seniors, should have access to lifesaving care. And insurance companies should not actively limit patients’ access to the doctors and treatment they depend on. Share your story with Pennsylvania Health Access Network and tell Attorney General Josh Shapiro we must protect patients in our state.

You can read SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania president Matthew Yarnell’s promise hold charities like UPMC accountable to the people of Pennsylvania here.

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