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Representative for Government Relations

Position: Representative for Government Relations

Responsibilities: The Representative for Government Relations (RGR) advocates directly with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania legislature and actively engages with Commonwealth departments and other governmental entities and agencies to advance the interest of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania members and all nurses and healthcare workers. The RGR analyzes developments in Commonwealth government that impacts the healthcare industry and healthcare regulatory policy and takes action to improve the lives of healthcare workers, patients, and our communities.


The RGR performs a wide range of duties which include but is not limited to:

  • Directly lobbying the legislature and actively engage with Commonwealth departments and other governmental entities and agencies to advance the interest of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania members and all nurses and healthcare workers. Government relations activity includes all policy areas related to SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania.
  • Proactively assisting in government relations strategic planning and agenda development, including recommending rapid strategic changes as needed.
  • Monitoring and reviewing key legislation, rules, notices of hearings and other political developments.
  • Researching and drafting policy related documents including authoring reports, responding to proposals by state agencies, commenting on new initiatives, and preparing proposed legislation and amendments
  • Maintaining consistent SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania messaging while implementing details of legislative strategy.
  • Collaborating with healthcare reform stakeholders and allies to develop policy and build coalition efforts to advance economic and social justice
  • Educating union members, staff, and leaders on changes and trends in Commonwealth government that impact the healthcare industry
  • Working with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania officers and the SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania Political Director to integrate lobbying and engaging Commonwealth government in grass roots advocacy campaigns and political mobilizations of nurses and healthcare workers
  • As needed, assisting with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania Lobby Day, under the direction of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania and assistance from other staff.
  • Researching proposed legislation, rules or programs.
  • Providing regular reports of government relations activity to SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania leadership. Working with communications team in providing timely updates.
  • Drafting legislation, legislative testimony, correspondence and other documents as needed.
  • Actively participating in development and refinement of the SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania legislative platform to help guide the government relations function of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania.
  • Assisting SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania in lobbying compliance with governmental regulation.
  • Providing assistance in broader communications function, including social media, website and other communications tools and strategies
  • Regularly meeting with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania members and not yet union nurses and healthcare workers to determine legislative and regulatory needs.
  • Supporting other membership activities, including sector committee meetings, conferences and events.
  • Attending committee meetings, statewide meetings, and member and affiliate member meetings, presenting reports as needed and appropriate.
  • Exercising leadership and judgment in strategic campaigns in sensitive political environments.
  • Working independently, in a team, and under tight deadlines.


  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Demonstrated ability to persuade and collaborate with diverse partners
  • Undergraduate degree or higher degree in economics, health policy, or another public policy field, history or social science, law, or quantitative or analytical sciences
  • Willingness to work long and irregular hours and travel

Knowledge of healthcare policy or the labor movement is preferred.

Exemplary commitment to cause of social and economic justice and the values of the labor movement are essential.


Competitive salary package, benefit package includes fully paid health insurance, defined-benefit pension, optional 401(k), etc.


Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with periodic travel to and work around the state

To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter to

SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, LGBT people, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.


SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania unites 45,000 nurses and healthcare workers across the continuum of care.  We are the nurses, professional and technical employees, direct care and service workers who work in Pennsylvania’s hospitals, nursing homes, home and community based services, and state health facilities. Together, we work to unite all nurses and healthcare workers, organize at work and in the community, drive public policy and legislation, and build a broad, strong movement for good jobs, quality care, and healthy communities across Pennsylvania.

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