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Union Workers are Rising with Conor Lamb!

At close to midnight on March 13, Conor Lamb declared victory by a razor thin margin to become our next US Congressman. We knew from day one that this race would an uphill battle – and there is absolutely no doubt that our efforts – as a local union and as a labor movement – made the crucial difference.

In his victory speech, Conor Lamb shared this win with us and told the nation that union workers are rising together in 2018. Organized labor built western Pennsylvania…Tonight they have restarted their right to have a major part in our future. Unions have fought for decades for wages, benefits, working conditions, basic dignity and social justice. You have brought me into your ranks…I am proud to be right there with you.”

This incredible victory – against all odds – would not have been possible without the hard work of union members like yourself. In the snow and rain, we knocked doors, we made phone calls, we showed up and took a stand to protect our union rights and say YES to a future where we all have a say.

Today we rest – but tomorrow – let’s hit the ground running to build a better future in Southwestern PA for our kids, our communities and the people we care for.



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