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Healthcare Transformation: Kinzua Caregivers Develop New Weighing System


Healthcare Workers at Kinzua

CNAs at Kinzua, a nursing home in Northwestern PA, realized their process for weighing patients was not consistent enough, causing discrepancies, inefficiency, and inconvenience to residents.

Tracking the weight of nursing home residents is vitally important, because weight fluctuations are a key indicator of physical and mental health concerns.

The team came together to tackle the problem, after attending SEIU Healthcare PA’s Healthcare Transformation Summit. Worker decided if you do something once, it should be done right. So with that in mind, they developed a series of protocols and procedures to achieve their goal: Reduce re-weighs and improve accuracy.

Working with management, these caregivers were able to design a new system that had a positive impact and is achieving their goal!

The system also gave them an opportunity to have a voice in care, develop leadership, and “own” this project, becoming more involved in helping residents.

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