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Happy Nurses Week! Meet Florise “Lulu” Louis – LPN, Whitestone Care Center


Florise “Lulu” Louis moved to the United States from Haiti Lulu 3when she was 18 years old. The suffering she witnessed there inspired her to help others from a young age. She started her nursing career in 2002, and has been bringing her positive outlook on life and caregiving to her patients since.

  1. Why did you become a nurse?
    I grew up in Haiti and came to the U.S. at the age of 18.  When I was growing up, the ability to even see a nurse when you were sick or needing medical attention was very limited. Living like that and watching the way people had to suffer is what made me strive to have a better life and to help those in need. That was the driving force for me becoming a nurse.

    Helping people, nursing, became a passion for me.  In 2002, I became an LPN and started my journey.  This journey is not easy.  It is very demanding physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The hours are long.  Spending time away from our families is emotionally heart-wrenching at times, especially when they have important events in their life or they just need you.  The shifts can be very long and very hard, sometimes there is no time to sit and eat a meal….and most of the time, we don’t.

  1. Nursing is not easy. Why do you continue?
    Nurses are a special kind of people. Nurses are strong-willed, with passionate hearts, and they try to do positive in the world.  Nursing is a never-ending commitment. When we can’t be home taking care of our family, we are at work take care of someone else’s family. Nurses have a heart passion to do what they do.

    It is the ability to give back to the community and my patients.  It is the opportunity to help those in need in a positive way.  Knowing I can change lives, while others depend on me, is a very empowering feeling.

  1. What is Lulu’s life like outside of nursing?  Family? Hobbies? Interests?
    Other than nursing when the scrubs come off, I enjoy spending time with my family and then there is……Zumba!  Zumba is another passion I have.  It makes my blood flow faster.  I get lost in the music and movement.  I am a Zumba instructor so even in Zumba I am helping other people.
  1. You have a very positive outlook on life. Can you explain why?
    I try to bring happiness and positivity into the lives of everyone I meet.  I look for the good in everything and help in any way I can.  Some say I have a huge heart; I only know that I love to help people. Sometimes juggling work and home life can be tough because of the hours on the job but both nursing and family are worth the struggles.
  1. If there a message you would like to share with other nurses? Here is your platform.
    If I can share a message with nurses, it is to realize that you are making a difference. You are touching lives every day.  Some days you may be the only smile one of your patients sees. As nurses we are changing and saving lives. We are giving others hope for tomorrow.

    We are superheroes under our scrubs.  What’s our superhuman power?  We make lives in need matter the most.

    One last thing… have one life to live.  Live it well with no regrets.  I’d like to share an old saying…..there is 24 hours in one day, that is 1440 minutes, make sure you take 50 minutes for yourself, to do what you love.  Love with all you can.  Take care of yourself before it is too late.






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