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Forward Together – Our Statement of Purpose

We are nurses and healthcare workers in hospitals, nursing homes, home and community based services and state facilities all across Pennsylvania. We are caregivers who care about the future of our country and want to make it better for our patients, residents, consumers, and future generations. Together, we are SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania

We are tired of a political system that is failing us. We are fed up with an economy that is rigged in favor the wealthy and corporations. We won’t stand for employers that pay low wages and impose health costs our families can’t afford. We’re outraged that companies deny workers their right to organize a union for a voice on the job.

Nurses and healthcare workers are diverse, but we all we want:

  • Wages that attract and retain professionals to do caregiving work, with no employer paying less than$15 an hour for any healthcare job;
  • Union rights for all workers to organize and raise their voices to change the healthcare industry for the better; and
  • Access to quality, affordable healthcare for everyone in our communities.

Together in SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, we’ve learned that we can accomplish more for our professions, our patients, our families, and our communities when we unite. We’re stronger together. That’s why we’re deeply troubled by the rise of dangerous, divisive, and sometimes violent politics in our country. We believe in equal rights and fairness for everyone. We demand that our elected leaders bring people together to invest and get our economy moving, so that all of us have good jobs and a say in what happens to our communities.

We want a more just and humane society.

We won’t stop fighting until we get it.


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