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Let’s Get Medicaid Expansion Done Right

State budgets are all about the choices and values of our elected representatives. Based on a recent Franklin & Marshall poll, it appears that a majority of working Pennsylvanians agree with Governor Wolf’s priorities for moving our state ahead.

One of the promises Gov. Wolf made during his campaign was to bring real Medicaid expansion to Pennsylvania. Now, true to his word, he has begun working to undo Corbett’s disastrous “Healthy PA” plan and transition to real Medicaid Expansion once and for all.

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Medicaid Expansion Wiz_Capitol_sm

Citizens call for Medicaid expansion at a rally in the Capitol.

This is great news because:

  • The cuts and harmful changes pushed through under “Healthy PA” will be reversed;
  • People will start to get better, more comprehensive benefits; and
  • Thousands of new jobs will be created across the state.

As our legislature continues the budget debate, we need to send a message to decision-makers that we support Medicaid expansion and its goals of providing quality, affordable, equitable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians.

But we need to act now. A special public comment period on the Governor’s Medicaid Expansion transition plan is currently underway.

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Let’s get Medicaid expansion done right! 

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