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Finally! A State Budget That Works for PA Families

Residents and taxpayers gather in Allentown to call on legislators to pass a fair state budget.

Residents and taxpayers gather in Allentown to call on legislators to pass a fair state budget.

In early March, Governor Tom Wolf unveiled his state budget, drawing strong support from people across Pennsylvania who are ready for a change. After four years of cuts to education and public services, Governor Wolf’s proposal reinvests in working families and holds huge corporations accountable to paying their fair share.

 Click here to urge your legislators to pass the governor’s budget without delay.

Jobs That Pay

The governor’s budget will create jobs to get Pennsylvania back on track. His plan will strengthen our workforce and provide incentives to businesses that create high-paying jobs.

The governor also calls for a hike in the state minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, which will help millions of families that work full time yet struggle to make ends meet.

Schools That Teach

Governor Wolf’s budget makes historic investments in education by making the Marcellus Shale industry pay its fair share and closing corporate tax loopholes.  This will lessen the burden on the rest of us and middle class families will see a reduction of school district property taxes by more than 50%.

Meanwhile, the budget will restore cuts to basic education that have forced our children into crowded classrooms and promises a restoration to cuts made to higher education in two years.

Government That Works

Governor Wolf’s plan will finally provide real Medicaid expansion to thousands of hardworking people in our state, which will ensure there are no cuts to people living with disabilities, create tens of thousands of jobs, and help fund local hospitals. What’s more, this budget aims to improve the lives of over 5,000 seniors and people with disabilities by providing more funding for home and community-based services to give them the option to receive care at home.

We elected a Governor to stand up for the needs of working families and this budget is further proof we made the right choice. 

Now we must contact our legislators and urge them to do their part and pass Governor’s Wolf’s budget without delay. Email your legislators today and tell them Pennsylvania is ready to raise the wage, fund our schools and provide healthcare to those who need it. 

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