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Community Members to Congressman Kelly – Pay Us Back!

Concerned residents present Congressman with an oversized itemized bill for votes to Defund ACA

ERIE, PA — A group of community members presented a super-sized itemized bill to U.S. Congressman Mike Kelly’s office on Thursday, demanding Kelly pay back the millions of taxpayer dollars he has spent in attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

 “Congressman Kelly owes taxpayers an apology,” said Evette Crosby, a CNA from Erie. “He claims to be a fiscal conservative, but he is wasting millions of our taxpayer dollars trying to get rid of ACA, a law that is helping millions of people.”

The congressman has voted to defund the Affordable Care Act 47 times. Each of those votes costs taxpayers $1.45 million, for a total of $68 million. Further, the government shutdown that resulted from efforts to defund the law cost our country $24 billion.

The Affordable Care Act eliminates yearly and lifetime caps on healthcare costs, ensures that people with preexisting conditions cannot be denied coverage, and provides affordable coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans.

Crosby’s son is one of those benefitting. He is now able to stay on her insurance until age 26.

“Knowing my son is covered gives us all peace of mind,” continued Crosby. “We don’t have to worry what would happen — physically or financially — if he got sick or hurt. Congressman Kelly needs to understand that, and to stop wasting time and money trying to defund the ACA.”

For more information contact Karen Gownley at 717-805-6070 or Photos available.

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