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Hundreds of Healthcare Workers Protest Rep. Pitts’ Wasted Time and Tax Dollars Trying To Repeal Obamacare


Protestors call for Congressman Pitts and his fellow anti-Obamacare Republicans in Washington to focus on the country’s real challenges

Lancaster, PA – More than 700 nursing home, hospital, home care and long-term care workers marched and rallied in front of Rep. Joe Pitt’s, R-16 lawmakers, demanding that he and the dozens of other House stop holding America hostage in their zeal to defeat the Affordable Care Act at any cost and deny millions access to affordable healthcare.

Carrying three-foot inflatable hammers, rally attendees knocked down the “wall of obstructionism” constructed by the anti-worker politicians in the House that is standing in the way of jobs creation, immigration reform and investment in education. In addition, demonstrators shared personal experiences to show Congressman Pitts that the Affordable Care Act is working for American families already.

“My treatment has already cost well over $2 million, and I will need to get chemo and PET scans for the rest of my life. Before ACA, insurance companies could put lifetime caps on medical costs,” said Hershey Medical Center RN Angi DelPatto, who is battling cancer. “Given the high costs of my care, that would have been devastating.”

Obamacare is already benefiting millions of Americans yet millions more need access to quality, affordable healthcare through the full implementation of the ACA. Healthcare workers are on the frontlines of Pennsylvania’s healthcare system and they say it’s time to stop the delays in Washington.

“We are sick of Congressman Pitts wasting time and millions of taxpayer dollars trying to appeal ACA, and the vast majority of Americans agree with us,” said Ken Culton, Lancaster resident and RN State Department of Health, Southeast District. “We need jobs, we need immigration reform, and we need affordable education. He needs to focus on moving our country forward, not holding us hostage with their misguided Tea Party agenda.”

The Health Insurance Marketplace provision of the law will go into effect Oct. 1, potentially lowering health costs for Americans.  Yet Congressman Pitts and other House representatives are now threatening a government shutdown if the ACA is not defunded. This comes on the heels of House Republicans last week proposing a budget that included delaying ACA funding for a year. House Republicans have voted 41 times to repeal the ACA, costing American taxpayers more than $54 million. Not only is this political obstructionism fiscally irresponsible, it has prevented Congress from tackling other critical issues facing America like immigration reform, jobs creation and investment in education.

“This is about human rights and respecting the dignity of all people, and standing for the workers of America,” said rally speaker Rev. Dr. Susan Minasian, College Chaplain at Franklin and Marshall.

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