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Friendship Ridge Workers Disappointed Over Sale

Healthcare workers remain committed to ensuring high quality care to residents

Beaver County, Pa – Healthcare workers from Friendship Ridge nursing home expressed disappointment, frustration, and sadness today when County Commissioners announced it has accepted a bid from Comprehensive HealthCare Management Services, LLC to buy the home.

“We have said from the beginning that we do not think that selling is in best interest of our residents or our community,” said Keri Theuerl, RN. “But our number one priority continues to be our residents, and we will work with the new owners to make sure the men and women who call Friendship Ridge home will continue to get the quality care they do today.”

The workers had been fighting against privatization since late last year. They are concerned about negative changes seen at other county-owned homes that were sold, and want to preserve the quality care and quality jobs Beaver County has come to trust at Friendship Ridge.

In order to address the county’s financial concerns, workers had put together a proposal that would cut nearly $5 million from the home’s budget. They are frustrated that the Commissioners never worked with them on implementing that proposal, and that the sale itself has been a closed process. Workers have repeatedly asked for information about possible changes in the light of a sale, but commissioners have refused to respond.

As for the future, workers say they remain dedicated to their residents, who they consider family.

“We will continue providing the absolute best care we can,” said Denise Cox, who has worked at Friendship Ridge for 17 years. “This whole fight has always been about them, and we’re going to keep giving them the absolute best care we can.”

Over 500 healthcare workers at Friendship Ridge are members of SEIU Healthcare PA.


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