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Friendship Ridge Nursing Home Workers Rally Against Privatization

For over 60 years, Friendship Ridge nursing home has provided quality care to seniors in Blair County.

Citing financial concerns, County Commissioners announced plans to sell the home in December. They said $5 million would need to be cut from the home’s budget in order for them to reconsider. Workers quickly came together and formed a committee to come up with a proposal, making the hard decisions necessary to achieve those kinds of cuts.

“We have worked very hard on this proposal and will continue working to protect our seniors, because we know a county-owned nursing home is better than a corporation who puts profits over people,” said Denise Cox, who has worked at Friendship Ridge for 27 years. “We are trying to protect the home to hundreds of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Friendship Ridge is also a great asset to Beaver County. In 2011, the home generated over $57 million in revenue, and nearly 75% of that was from state and federal funding. Not to mention the family-sustaining jobs it provides, which are vital to the local economy.

On February 14th, workers held a rally, asking Commissioners to “have a heart,” accept their proposal, and preserve Friendship Ridge. They were joined by community and religious leaders and family of Friendship Ridge residents. You can find out more and sign their petition to protect Beaver County seniors at

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